3D Water Scapes | Photoshop Tricks

Maikng 3D Water Scapes

Step 1 : Create a new document, select a light shade of blue, saturated to 100% for you foreground color.Select white for your background color.Either use a cloud filter to create a cloud texture over the entire image, or fill with your foreground color and paint in the clouds with white using a large soft brush.

3D Water Scapes Photoshop Trick
Step 2: Select Image>Adjustments>curves.
Adjust the curves so the blue becomes darker.The curves option allows you to maintain the hue and saturation of the image while darkening the midtones.
3D Water Scapes Photoshop Trick

Making of a Drop in Photoshop

Making of a Rain Drop Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1:Open any image that you want to add rain drops too. In order to make this look more realistic, use image of a green leaf.

Making of a Rain Drop in Photoshop

Step 2: Create a new layer named Drop1 and select the Elliptical Marquee Tool and make a selection which looks like a drop on the leaf.

Rain Drop in Photoshop